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Welcome to the Peach & Black Podcast. Founded 2009 in Australia, the Peach & Black Podcast reviews the work of Prince.  This is the central place to discover musical opinions about the greatest musician and composer of the modern era, Prince. This is the destination to download and listen to the Peach & Black Podcast, where each episode will play host to a roundtable virtual online discussion about the music of Prince. From time to time, this blog will also highlight and discuss other great musicians, bands and occasionaly films.

The Peach & Black Podcast is a non profit digital media broadcast and is in no way affiliated with, in no way have any connection with, and are in no way endorsed or sponsored by Prince or any affiliated companies, or any other business interests Prince may hold, including any related sites currently owned by Prince. All views expressed are those of the podcast members and do not represent the views of Prince or those associated to Prince and / or affiliates in any way. 

Please enjoy your experience.

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